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This short animated film was produced in 2003 and was the first full short animation I had made as part of my Degree course at Glamorgan University.

The film was made traditionally, creating every frame using pencil, pen, paper and a lightbox.

Once these scenes were tested the artwork was then scanned into a computer and coloured using the Digicel Flipbook software.

The backgrounds were also created traditionally but then imported into Photoshop for colouring before taking into Digicel Flipbook to composite with the animated content.

With such a long deadline, this film gave me the perfect opportunity to dedicate a good period of time to research and study animals in motion and animal anatomy.

It was my first experience at tackling all aspects of animated film production, from initial story ideas all the way to editing the final cut. This film truly gave me a great understanding into producing an animated short film.

Pre - Production Work

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